Welcome to Around the Track hosted by Dynasty CEO, Shirl Penney. Get ready for “The most exciting 15 minutes in Wealth Management!”

Each year, the top thoroughbred racehorses in the world—along with their owners, trainers, jockeys and their racing teams—tirelessly train, prepare and gear up for what is known as ‘The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports’—the Kentucky Derby. During those two minutes, the horses will race their way around the oval of the track, charging through furlong after furlong, where eight furlongs total a mile. On Around the Track, the Most Exciting 15 Minutes in Wealth Management, our guests are asked a series of eight rapid-fire questions, symbolic of the eight furlongs comprising the typical track.

Around the Track allows Shirl to combine two of his passions into one – the wealth management industry and his love for the sport of horse racing. Shirl will host top’ corporate athletes’—Dynasty Network advisors and some of the top business leaders and entrepreneurs in wealth management and beyond—to discuss how they have gotten to where they are now and what their next “Kentucky Derby” or big goal might be.

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